Sunday, January 13, 2008

Does it snow like this in Cairo?


Guess I'm headed for a major transition.

I will fly to Cairo, Egypt, Jan. 29--that's in two and a half weeks! I am enrolled in an intensive Arabic class for the first month. I hope to eventually be able to work as a freelance photojournalist using Cairo as a base.

I picked Cairo because I've been interested for many years in the Middle East and Africa, and I actually know a couple of people there. Cairo is the largest city in the region, and Egypt is called the "heart of the Arab World", making it an ideal place to learn Arabic. And here's my idealism (which scares the crap out of my mom) coming out: the Middle East and the West don't understand each other and I hope to help bridge that somehow, even if it's only learning about the places and people of the Arab World.

So there you have it.

My life is a little chaotic right now, as you may imagine.

Anybody out there need a piano? Anyone??? I know where you can find a nice one at a good price.


cmulvany said...

I look forward to watching your journey on thisi blog. Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

I just saw ur blog accidently when researching a different topic..anyway i was so excited to read ur post, by the way I live in Cairo.. and i'm afraid i have to tell u that it never snows in here :) but it's getting cold now and believe me it's the worst it can get .
Anyway, just wanna tell u that u'll gonna enjot ur time here, and don't be afraid of egyptians...we're not as some media says :)...
I know an American student,she's from Texas,she's studying also arabic in the AUC and she had spent about 6 months here and she was extremely glad...
So just CHEEER UP,enjoy the experience and keep in mind u'll be living in a completely different just be tolerable and don't panic and try to mingle with everything hope u got me :)

Wish u good luck..and Hope you enjoy ur stay...

ingrid barrentine said...


Your blog looks great and will be an easy way for those of us who're not so adventurous to travel with you.



Amanda Smith said...

I am so excited for you... and green with envy... good luck and stay safe... I am excited to see all the awesome photos you are going to take

Holly said...

Thanks everybody for the kind words! Things are crazy right now, but I know it is all going to worth it when I get to Cairo.

Abby said...

Why didn't we make Nate bring the piano to me! Geez! Excited about all of your goings on. Keep in touch. Will try to call soon. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Dear Holly,
What a magnificent journey you have begun! I really enjoyed the blog with all the pictures, which your Mom just sent to me. We will definitely keep you in our prayers!
Have a wonderful time & we'll keep checking your blog for adventure-updates!
Much love & prayers,

Mary Ann & Maria C