Monday, January 28, 2008

The little Tercel that could

As if vacating my apartment weren't enough, I also sold my car Friday. My little 1996 Toyota Tercel found a good new home, as the 16th birthday present and girl's first car for a Spokanite.

As it happens, the Tercel was also my first car, purchased by my father (I paid him back--well, almost all of it anyway) in 2000 so that I could use it for my first photography internship at the Athens Banner Herald in Athens, Ga. At that time, the car had logged 80,000 miles.

Ah, the memories. The Tercel (a.k.a. the "Terkel" or the "Turd-cell") and I traversed the continental U.S. twice, explored Georgia, Tennessee, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, and met people from all walks of life, who more often than not, inquired about the two lobsters that graced the dash.

What is it about the first car? It could be that I gained new-found independence with the Tercel. Or maybe it was just that, as a photojournalist, my car became something of a second home. In any case, I developed a connection with my car that gives me a little twinge when I think about it.

Oh yes. P.S. I put almost 120,000 miles on the Tercel. Good car.


DJ said...

There is nothing like a trustworthy vehicle. I never had a car of my own, but had plenty of opportunities to drive Dad's klunkers. The car from Hell was the International Scout. It died everywhere and often. Guess that's why I liked the Mustang so much. The car I miss right now is the van--go figure. Lots of moving going on! Mom

Tyra Shortino said...

Although it is way too late, I still want to greet you a big CONGRATULATIONS on the sale. I know that it is a big decision to sell the car since it means so much to you. There are a lot of memories attached to it, but I think it is for the best. And by now, I’m sure you are making new memories to cherish with your new auto!