Friday, February 1, 2008

Marhaba (Hello) Cairo!

My flight from Paris was an hour late, but I arrived in Cairo in time to meet Rasha's father Monir and his brother-in-law Saber at the airport. They were walking around holding pieces of paper with my name on it.

From there we went to Saber's where I was fed, then to a grocery store for supplies.

Finding internet service has been challenging, and my computer battery is about to die. I will update this later today.

Later taters.


DJ said...

Is this your view from your apt? Very interesting buildings, each floor with different architecture like the owner decided he wanted another floor and added on. Do you need me to send a power adapter? I know we have some from our various trips. Let me know. It has been snowing and Snowqualmie has been closed 3 days with avalanches. We may have to fly to Seattle. Glad you are safely out of the air. Love, Mom

ben said...

whoa. That looks like the stack of papers on my desk.

Holly said...

Yes, that's the view from my bedroom window. The apartment building is on an extremely busy street, but the apartment itself faces a less busy side street.

Holly said...

Oh my gosh I am such a dork. The street the apartment faces is the really really busy street. I just didn't recognize it. It looks so different from above.