Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Council of Advisors

On my way back to Spokane Thursday, I stopped in Missoula to have lunch with my brother Matt, pictured above. He was only the latest in a long line of supporters, cheerleaders and advisors to give me his words of wisdom during this time of change.

His advice: Spend as much time selling pictures as I do producing them. (He's got 10+ years of business experience.) And he's right. It's going to be challenging to shepherd my work into publications. I won't have a regular paycheck to depend on, so I'm going to have to sell, sell, sell.

Isn't my brother smart?

Here are some other words of wisdom (not direct quotes):

Sol (a photojournalist whom I respect): Don't be afraid.

Namrata (my Amazing Race co-conspirator): Don't forget to breathe.

Liz (my photo buddy): Enjoy every moment.

Colin (good multimedia guru buddy): If you need anything, just call. I'm here for you.

Larry Reisnouer (My former Photo Editor at the Spokesman-Review): You won't fail.

Tom (family friend): You have to insure your equipment--it's your livelihood.

Steve (Tom's brother): The COBRA health insurance plan is expensive, but it's your best bet.

Tom: Liability insurance would be smart.

Steve: You really need some life insurance.

Bridget (my good creative buddy): Believe in yourself.

Ben: Be safe.

Mom: Don't go to Iraq. Oh yeah, and learn how to bellydance.

Dad: Have fun!

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DJ said...

You're really good at this blog. You'll have so many new experiences that a book will be next in the cards. I wish you enough happiness to sustain you through the hard parts and bring you home safe. I will be thinking of you every day wondering what you're learning and doing while I'm at physical therapy, ugh. DJ