Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pulling up anchor

OMDLGIH (Oh my dear Lord God in Heaven)

Understatement of my life, while purchasing my piano 3.5 years ago:
PIANO SALESMAN: "I hope you're not thinking of moving anytime soon."

I don't know if you all had noticed, but I had been really REALLY stressing about the fact that I am leaving the country in roughly two weeks and still had not found a solution to the fact that I own a giant yet delicate piece of furniture, which I adore but need to sell.

So of course I was relieved Monday to find a family who wanted to borrow a piano for a year while they host a foreign exchange student.

Let me just say: moving a piano is a hidden art. I am so thankful professional piano movers exist.

Today at around 11 a.m., Jerah (that's Hebrew for "the moon"), Raleigh and Steve showed up to coax my piano around the tight corners of the entryway and down a winding staircase to an icy sidewalk. Two out of three were burly men, so I lied before when I said this was a story of three burly men and a piano.

Raleigh and Jerah get ready to tip the piano on one end to fit it through the front door.

Jerah working his magic.

I almost couldn't look as Jerah, right, who I have to say was the skinniest piano mover I have ever seen, positioned himself on the descending side of the piano at the top of the stairs.

Why do they make staircases that curve, anyway? There's burly man #2, Steve, on the right.

Steve between a piano and a bannister.

Bye, bye piano.

Raleigh takes the weight of the piano as he eases it down the front steps.

"At least I didn't wear my cowboy boots," Steve joked, shortly after slipping on the frozen sidewalk.

Almost done.


Now that the piano is moved, my impending departure is real, which is a little scary. But I also feel liberated, as if one more weight keeping me in Spokane has been lifted.


robin said...

Oh oh oh! I'm so excited for you, pickle. Not many people get this sort of opportunity, so take it by the horns and charge on. Keep in touch. I'll be a regular here to watch your journey.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found a home for the piano. It would be a struggle to get it under your seat on the plane!