Sunday, February 24, 2008

Desert flower

Today I went for a horseback ride around the Giza pyramids with a couple of friends. The horse pictured above is named Warda, which means "flower" in Arabic.

We rode from the stables to a hill in the desert where we stopped for shai (tea) and pictures. The day was overcast, cool and windy, but the ride back still felt exhilarating.

Some observations:
1. Even though we only saw the pyramids from a distance, I found them intriguing and mysterious. And huge.
2. The horses weren't in great health, but they ran like crazy.
3. My butt hurts.


Anonymous said...

The pyramids do look mysterious in the mist. Wow, I can't wait to see them up close. Sounds like a great outing. Do they have camels for riding too? What a great post. mom

Amanda Smith said...

I've been living viacariously through your blog... it seems like the perfect journey. Your in my thoughts.

Nabila Fachir said...

Hey holly!!
Just droppin by to say hello.. See you on monday! hehe..

Anonymous said...

Cute pony! Oh, and the pyramids are cool too.