Monday, February 11, 2008

Egypt vs. Cameroon: 1-0

Egypt's soccer team won its sixth consecutive Africa Cup in Accra, Ghana, Sunday evening.

Damn near caused a riot.

If you can imagine 20 million or so rabid soccer fans taking to Cairo's streets, blocking traffic, lighting fireworks, singing, screaming, chanting, honking and basically going nuts all night long, well you may begin to have an idea of the chaos.

Notably absent from the celebration was the indulgence of alcohol, which is generally looked down upon to varying degrees throughout the Muslim world, but people didn't seem to need alcohol to go crazy.

Oh look. The crowd just below my apartment blocked the street for several hours. I went to bed with earplugs at around 1 a.m.

I made a couple new friends, including Noora, above, who came to Cairo from Alexandria to cheer for her team. Like many other fans, she wore Egypt's colors: red, white and black.

My Arabic teacher told us people were still celebrating in the streets this morning and would drive to the airport to welcome the team home.

My favorites were the young men using cans of insect spray to light torches. Ah, it all made me homesick for good ole' Amrika.

For those of you who don't know, soccer is the sport in most of the rest of the world. Pay attention.


ben said...

love the pics. looks like a blast! go egypt

dan Pelle said...

Hi Holly,

Trying to keep up everyday with your blog posts. Sounds like a wild time on the streets of Cairo!!

We miss you a ton around here.

DJ said...

I think you can do those torches with hairspray too and it's cheaper. soccer is the greatest esp when your team wins. Have fun and Yeah Egypt