Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hold on tight

All I can say is, thank God I do not have to drive in Cairo.

I took my first (and definitely not my last) taxi to the opposite side of Cairo to register for Arabic classes at Kalimat Language and Cultural Center. Any time you are in a car, whether you are behind the wheel or not, it's an experience.

A few rules of the road:
1. Never mind that paint on the road--there are no lanes.
2. The key is to travel as fast as possible.
3. If there is room for your car, you can go there.
4. There are no stoplights. Sometimes a traffic cop will stand near a busy intersection, but don't count on him to protect you from the wrath of the road.
5. Don't forget to use your horn often.
6. Blinkers are optional.
7. Parking is a spectator sport.
8. Don't expect to find a seatbelt while seated in the back of a taxi.

Luckily, I made it to my destination, my cab driver was extremely nice despite the language barrier and he didn't try to increase the fare as i got out of the cab.

Now I just have to make it back.

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