Thursday, February 14, 2008

I heart Arabic

Here's a photograph of Sami, one of my four Arabic teachers. He teaches the Modern Standard Arabic class on Monday and Wednesday.

The Egyptians have a saying: "Schweya, schweya." This means, roughly, "Little by little" and people seem to say it every time I tell them that I don't speak Arabic very well.

Arabic still makes my brain hurt, but it is getting better. Everyday I am learning new words, phrases and grammar and, little by little, I am getting more comfortable with this difficult language.

However, I still can't believe I'm writing right to left.

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Today Sami taught me how to write (and say) "photojournalist". It's the line of Arabic beginning in the lower right of this photo. It says "musauwira saHafyya".

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Virginia said...

Marhaba habibti! I thought I posted earlier, but I guess it didn't work. I'm thinking about you. So are the women at book club. We think you rock!