Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sara and sheesha

Sara, a new friend from class, and I went to lunch yesterday. Sara's Palestinian and Egyptian, but she grew up in the UK a couple hours north of London. She recently married an Egyptian and moved to Cairo with him.

We talked about Islam, the situation in Gaza, married life, Egyptian men and cultural norms for women in the Middle East. You know, all the things girls talk about.

Oh yeah. And she introduced me to sheesha.

We had pineapple flavor.


ben said...

um ... is that water or smoke? that looks scarier than the taxi

DJ said...

Is there chocolate flavor? we got to seattle in a blowing rain storm, did our grocery shopping, and ate down at China Harbor a place we have discovered is excellent and close to Frank's. His place was freezing so we had 7 blankets on the bed and fire in the fireplace along with the oven on. Today is better. We are ready for your next call. mom

Virginia said...

My personal favorite is apple... Watch out for the hubbly-bubbly headache, however. I miss you, Holly. Zane asked about you today. All the snow is melting in Spokane as you smoke your sheesha.

Holly said...

I haven't found chocolate flavor, mom, but I'll keep looking. Yes, I have experienced the hubbly-bubbly headache. I didn't really feel anything at the time--just the next day. Give Zane and yourself huge hugs from me.