Monday, March 24, 2008

Birthday of the Prophet

If I was a Muslim, maybe I'd be a Sufi.

Sufis sing and dance, unlike some more conservative sects of Islam. They also celebrate the Prophet's birthday with a moulid, or festival, and stage a massive procession to Sayyidna al-Hussein Mosque in Islamic Cairo, one of the most sacred religious sites in Egypt.

The moulid An-Nabi Mohammed, as it is called, draws thousands of people to the parade and the spiritual parties that last late into the night.

This was the best shooting experience I've had since I arrived in Egypt. I didn't bring my long lens, but it would have come in handy. Oh well. I did wear a head scarf to be on the safe side, but I didn't have any problems with wandering hands or harassment, despite the extremely crowded streets. People were really friendly and in that festive mood.

Most of the people marching were men, while the women lined the streets to watch the procession, sometimes breaking into song or chanting.

I'm a sucker for a cute kid saying "Sura, sura!" ("Picture, picture!")


Anonymous said...

hey hp nice job!!! so what's the what---haven't heard from you in a while. prob can guess who dis is


Anonymous said...

Do the different color signs indicate certain groups? I love the colorful signs and sashes against the white. It seems very festive. Mom

Holly said...

It was festive and a lot of fun. It was a public expression of something very personal, faith, which is always a sight to behold.