Thursday, March 6, 2008

City Oasis

Cairo is without doubt the noisiest place I have ever lived. It has been described to me several times as the New York City of the Middle East, a comparison that seems to fit because of the noise, traffic, grime and chaos.

The relative peace on the Nile is surprising and welcome.

On Tuesday, a new photojournalist friend arranged a Nile felucca ride, my first since moving to Cairo. A felucca is an Egyptian sailboat, and you pay by the hour to sail around on the river. It is affordable and definitely one of life's little pleasures.

There was plenty of wind to fill the sails, and we spent an hour and a half touring around.

Yes that is the Four Seasons Hotel in the background. The feluccas are understandably popular with tourists.


Anonymous said...

Holly your first shot is gorgeous and does look calmer too. Is the building tilted slightly on the right or is it an optical illusion? I bet it is somewhat cooler on the Nile too. Great talking to you yesterday. Take Care and keep up the great posts. MOM

Holly said...

Thanks. Yes, the building on the right is tilted thanks to a little distortion by my wide angle lens and me probably not holding my camera straight.