Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maktaba Alexandria

Sorry I haven't posted all week. Things have been busy.

On the day trip to Alexandria last weekend, I visited the new library, which is gigantic. It's supposed to be a resurrection of sorts for Alexandria's ancient library which was torched in the 3rd century.

Check the Bibliotheca Alexandria website here


Anonymous said...

nice book barn! i luv's me some readings

Anonymous said...

silly photog. books are for eating, not reading.

fishwife said...

Dang Holly! I just viewed your entire blog for the first time (i'm ashamed, but OOC, as you know). Can I just say how much I admire what you are doing? You are so brave! And your pictures? Well, they are just beautiful. Really a pleasure & can't wait to see you in 1 week!!!