Monday, April 14, 2008

Shaqqati gedidati (my new apartment)

Here are some long overdue photos from my new apartment, for those who care (Mom). In early March I moved from Medinat Nasr a suburb east of the center to Zamalek just west of downtown and much closer to Kalimat where I was taking Arabic classes.

The move has been both good and bad, good for my mental state but bad for Arabic practice, even though I was close enough to walk to class, if I wanted to dodge traffic and breathe the lovely Cairo pollution for that long. Zamalek contains many foreign embassies and therefore, many foreigners. Which means it's not a very Egyptian neighborhood and people are less likely to speak Arabic. It all just means that I have to make an effort to get out of the 'hood and use my Arabic everyday. I'll be sure to post photos from Zamalek itself later on.

Living/dining area. The couch is more comfortable than it looks--I've napped on it before.

The view from the balcony affords mostly cars, but also a few trees.

One of the nice things about Zamalek, and about my apartment especially, is the quiet--a quality in short supply in this gigantic city. Check out today's New York Times humorous but true story, "A City Where You Can't Hear Yourself Scream" about noise in Cairo. So true!

I am thankful to live on what has to be one of the quietest streets in Cairo. It's residential, narrow and leads almost directly into the Nile.

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Anonymous said...

It looks quite roomy and it is nice to have a small balcony. Quiet is important for sleeping. I'd like to walk out everyday and discover something new. Good luck with the work and working around schedules. I always thought our number system was based on arabic numerals. Is that not correct? It's good to visualize where you are. Mom