Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Breadlines #2

Egypt is tense.

In the past month, prices on all basic goods have risen. Gas, cooking oil, rice and wheat have all taken an upward turn. Egypt's citizens are feeling the pressure.

I've decided to continue photographing breadlines even though the acute shortage of the past few months has subsided. Bread is a basic commodity and a barometer of the people. And buying bread is still a daily struggle.

It's a good way for me to get out and see different areas of Cairo, to talk to Egyptians about their lives, to learn the nuances of shooting in this culture, to learn to work with different drivers and fixers and to begin to build a body of work here. Bread is just one aspect of Egypt's economic crisis that I hope to explore.

So settle in for a few more posts about bread. First stop: Zagazig.

Zagazig is a small city of around 300,000 inhabitants northeast of Cairo on the Nile Delta.

Men and boys wait for the next batch of bread to come out of the oven.

Bread fresh from the oven is puffed up until the heat inside is released and the bread flattens.

People crowd around a subsidized-bread kiosk, struggling to be next.

A woman cringes after being hit on the head with someone else's bread rack.

See previous post "A staple for the masses" for more photographs.

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