Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Breadlines #3

Next stop on the breadlines: Usim (pronounced "oo-seem"), Giza, last week.

Palpable anxiety and stress clouded this bread kiosk. The lines were the longest I have seen, and people were shouting and pushing each other.

(In case you were wondering, men and women often form separate lines at the public bakeries. Most of my photos on this particular morning were from the women's line.)

Women crowd around the tiny window of the kiosk calling for bread.

A woman, her head scarf undone in the scuffle, clutches her bread while making her way back through the crowd.

Women reach toward the bread window.

The woman in the middle scrambled to get out of the pack, while others fought and pushed around her.

Sometimes it takes a long time to get to the window. Several people have died in recent months from heat exhaustion, after spending hours packed up against each other in the heat.

See previous posts "A staple for the masses" and "Breadlines #2" for more photographs.

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jlw said...

Very powerful images. I came across your blog on Thomas Boyd's page. I am going to add a link from my blog as well. Excellent work.