Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back in the Mining City

Oh yeah, baby. I went home to Butte for five days.

It's kinda nice to go where people know you--where, for instance, the baggage handler greets you as you're getting off the plane. Also people stop at stoplights. That's kinda nice. My mom fixed all my favorite meals. My dad made sure he didn't have to travel for work that week. I also got to see my brother, aunt, grandma, and several very good friends.

I managed to fit the visit into my pre-fellowship travels. The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship starts July 22 with an orientation in Washington D.C. I also wanted to go to New York City to scope out some business-related stuff. Thus, while I was home, I actually worked a lot on my stinkin' portfolio in preparation for New York and D.C.

When I wasn't working though, I went to the National Folk Festival, which came to Butte for the first time. It was a weekend of great music and people came in from all over the West to attend. It was totally fun.

Nice boots.

Sigh. Dancing couples on the grass, guys dipping their partners.

For the uninitiated, that metal structure is a head frame. Beneath it is, or was, an underground mine. This head frame marks the Original Mine. Also the main stage for the Folk Festival.

Patrons at a nearby bar came out to see what all the fuss was about.

Dancers at the Silver Dollar Saloon, one of uptown Butte's many drinking establishments.

My brother Matt dances like crazy at the 'Dollar.

Look at these cool Ukrainian eggs! I found out how they make them at the Folk Festival. It's just like batik: they use wax to cover the places they don't want to dye. Purdy.

Me and Ms. Namrata Patel, taking in folk music and sunshine. She drove five hours from Spokane just to see little ole me! (She's not really a Spokanite. She's from Boston. Just fyi. ;) )

Who has prettier feet?

Nam makes fun of me and my hair-blowing-in-the-desert-wind picture.

My cousin Nate makes fun of himself.

My grandma, 92, tells me one of her stories. Isn't she sweet? My Aunt Mary drove her over from Bozeman just so they could see me. Thanks Aunt Mary.

My mom proofreads my portfolio. Thanks, Mom! Now everyone knows where I got my freckles...


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nice presentation !

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Welcome home cowgirl!