Monday, August 11, 2008

Ich bin ein Muenchner

Hey all!

I did make it to the Vaterland (Germany), in case any of you wondered.

I've been here two weeks and am just now gettting adjusted to the time zone and climate, working full time again (at the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Jetzt, the online youth magazine), speaking German and navigating a new city.

My Arthur F. Burns Fellowship officially started last week, although informally it started July 22, with an orientation week in Washington D.C.

More coming soon...


Jim Hagengruber said...

Holly! Don't let those Germans work you to death -- take it from me: it's a good idea to wander and have a bit of fun on this fellowship. Arthur Burns would approve. Isn't the SZ cantina the coolest/cheapest newspaper cafe around? Don't eat too much schweinehaxe... Jim

Benjamin Shors said...

as an american and a former burnsy, i agree with swami hagengruber: wander.

and try to get some free notebooks. Ben