Saturday, August 30, 2008

Party in the Forest

I had fun shooting the colors at a party I went to awhile ago. I posted these pictures and story to my blog. Here's a roughly translated English version:

I have lived in Germany before. I was 18 years old and on a school exchange in the Black Forest. I learned something back then: The Germans know how to throw a party.

So I was happy a couple weeks ago when a friend invited me to a birthday party in the forest. It rained, but that didn't matter. The host had set up tents, and despite the downpour, there was music from live DJs and lights glittered off a disco ball.

Strings of red, yellow and blue lights painted the guests who found shelter under the tents. The power for the party, by the way, came from an electric generator sitting under a huge umbrella.

Drinks were in one tent, food in another; one tent was for the DJs and still another was for dancing. A half-cooked hot dog on a cold grill stood between beer tent benches, where people chitchatted over beer and cigarettes.

(That's DJ Gusti creatin' some tuneage.)

(Every tune needs a toast.)

(That's Peter, Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Alum, my Sueddeutsche Zeitung contact, editor and friend.)

The beverages were pretty expensive. (That's the drink tent above. Notice the purdy mullet to the left of the alcohol.)

Luckily we had our own bottle of wine with us. Unfortunately there wasn't a wine bottle opener and we had to push the cork into the wine. Then we drank straight from the bottle. (There weren't any glasses in the forest either.)

Guests continued to arrive as the hour grew later, but not everybody knew the birthday boy. I didn't know him either.

Because of the crappy weather, we only stayed two or three hours. On our way home through the forest, we met a few more people on the path. They wanted to know if it was a good party. "Ach, passt schon," my friend said. In the Bavarian dialect: "The party was good."

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