Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My German colleagues

I'm outta here, Deutschland! (Actually, I have already left.)

The journalists I was privileged to work with while on my fellowship were great--talented, witty and fun.

In tribute, here are some of my favorite images of my co-workers. (Above is Christina, the sex columnist, writing her last text on a Friday evening.)


Max and the 5-minute table soccer world championships.

It's the Jetzt-Arena.

Philipp, Dirk and Christina racking their brains for story ideas in the daily morning news conference. Dirk is pretty much the coolest section editor I have ever met. He's full of good energy and really good at pushing people in a positive way. And he's damn smart.

Peter and Katarina, ins Konferens. Peter was basically the driving force behind my success at the S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung. He convinced the section editor to bring me, a lowly photographer, on board. He brainstormed stories with me, edited my writing, found me an apartment, took me hiking and supported me in a hundred other ways during my two months at the newspaper.


Philipp, asleep in a park in Athens, Greece, next to Ziyad, a homeless Iraqi refugee.

Thanks for your dedication, Philipp.

Dirk, the man with a plan, and Peter out to grab a beer after work.

Dirk and Peter again.

Peter, Max, Astra beer and a Spritz cocktail at Cosmos.

Dirk at Cosmos.

I never worked with Vodkarella, but I really like her outfit.

Wolfgang, roommate and colleague, on the way to see "Dark Knight" dubbed in German.

Judith sings during Oktoberfest.

Wolfgang, Niko, Sebastian and Katharina at Oktoberfest.

Peter, Oktoberfest.

Peter, yes I will hold your hat while you run a half marathon.

Peter, above the H├Âllenbach Alm.


Dirk said...

Wow! Thank you and take care!!

JOG "Jugendliche ohne Grenzen" said...

dear holly,

i just wanted to inform you: Ziyad is back in germany but he was put in to deportation prision. The first deportation we could stop, but we only won time. So we started a campaign which you can see on www.fluechtlingsrat-bayern.de.

greetings from munich, Tobi