Monday, September 29, 2008

Something smells good next door...

How's this for a happy accident: I live next to a bakery! And not just any bakery. The Hofpfisterei bakery cranks out an average 20,000 loaves every day. So awesome. I took some pics just for fun for my German blog. (See the post here, if you'd like.)

This is the view of my apartment building from the mischerei, where the dough gets mixed up.


The mischerei again. It's a huge operation, sending bread to 140 shops all over Germany.

Sesame-carrot bread dough (with salt) waits for the mixer. The Hofpfisterei offers around 30 different varieties of bread.

Bread dough gets everywhere.

Mixing up some dough, yo.

Then the dough goes in this thing called the "kipper" where it gets tipped into a chute leading to the ovens.

The dough goes to this machine which cuts the dough into loaves.

Then another machine makes the loaves round.

Then another machine stamps each loaf with a label telling which kind of bread it is.

The bread gets browned on the outside for a couple minutes.

Then the bakers put the loaves in traditional stone ovens.

I can smell baking bread from mid-afternoon through the wee hours of morning.

The bread comes out in an hour or two.

The bakers write the time that they put the loaves in the oven in chalk.


All done.

A view from my bedroom window of bakery workers taking a break in the courtyard.


Ingrid Barrentine said...


I think I'd gain weight living where you do. Beer and bread? My.

Erin said...

Please refer to picture #15...

Holy cow! Robert De Niro bakes bread across the street from you in Munich???!

Holly said...

Yep. Who knew? However, Robert (I like to call him "Bob") apparently doesn't speak English.