Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gaza Part 2

Plastic flowers in Abed Rabbo.

Dunya, 12. Her house fell on her after it was bombed. Her family dug her out from underneath the rubble.

Tossing stones from the top of a collapsed mosque in Jabaliya, the scene of heavy fighting.

A woman whose son was shot by Israeli soldiers while the family tried to bring wounded women and children to the hospital. When the family fled, Israeli soldiers occupied her home. They wrote offensive graffiti on the walls, left trash everywhere and used the pots and pans as toilets.

A man warms his hands by a fire in his temporary shelter next to his destroyed home in Abed Rabbo.


Kevin Taylor said...

It's astonishing to get a clear sense of the scale of destruction here, on your blog, and NOT in Spokane mainstream press. Pisses me off, man, that my profession can be so slack.
Also, now that I am seeing more of your photos, it is interesting to start getting a sense of how you frame space.
Cool stuff.

Benjamin Shors said...

I agree with KT. I'm struck by the massive devastation, just a city laid flat. Amazing. Ben

Benjamin Shors said...

Amazing and horrible, I should say.

Kitty Moon said...

You're amazing Holly. I love your photos and honestly can't believe where you are! I feel so comfortable, despite being 8 months pregnant. It certainly puts things in perspective. --Allison

Jeff said...

This is a moving photo essay. Thank you for your courage and hard work.