Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am OK. (Gaza is not.)

A man prays next to his home in Abed Rabbo, Jabaliya, Gaza.

Temporary shelter in Abed Rabbo.

White phosphorus bomb victim. This woman's husband and four of her children died when the bombs hit her home.

Her father died.



Destroyed chicken farm in Zeitoun.

Children playing on the remains of a bombed-out mosque in Jabaliya.

People praying on the remains of the mosque.

Gaza Zoo


A father and son in their living room, El-Attatra.

Graffiti left behind in Zeitoun.


Abed Rabbo


chas said...

these are some really great captures. very intense photos.

this war in gaza is horrible. it would be nice if they could all decide to just stop the bombs. innocent people are being killed. but that's war for you.

what a life experience it has to be to go to a place such as this. both a learning experience and tragic one.

Kevin Taylor said...

Strong post, Holly, esp beginning and ending with the same house. These are really powerful. Thanks for going there.

Erin said...

Another amazing post Holly. So glad you are OK. So awful Gaza is not.
Pic #12 - I can read the despair in the father's eyes. It must've been so intense there for you; for everyone you met. I can only imagine the things you've experienced...
Pic #10 - what did that used to be @ the zoo? Do I want to know???
Thank you Holly.

FWickeham said...

More than words, your pictures confirm that war is hell.
Thank you for sharing and showing.

Benjamin Shors said...

Pictures 2, 3 and 4: Wow. What a heartbreaking situation. How can you imagine an end to this when you can see the fabric of another generation torn up by this conflict? Great work. Stay safe.